This course will focus on the representation of class, gender and sexuality in American cinema. The movies chosen will provide a framework usable for analysing these issues and as a method of critiquing the larger issues these films represent. The emphasis will be on women in conflicts and the portrayals of men and masculinity, as well as depiction of class, race and sexuality and how these representations have influenced perception on matters such as these in regards to social conflicts. Depictions of women in conflict often focus on the subjugation of female characters and the subsequent quest for re-assertion, while depictions of the masculine often involve the assertion of the male over the female. I addition to these dynamics, we can investigate the role class and race has on these conflicts, as well as examine the influence of non-binary or gender queer subjects in these depictions. The course will use films that are adaptations of pre-existing material and use theories of adaptation to investigate these conflicts.