All GRÓ GEST fellows are registered in this course, called Orientation, Academic Working Methods and Skills. However, it is not an ordinary course; as you can see, it does not provide any ECTS credits. And academic working methods and skills are, in fact, covered in other modules. It is really all about orientation to the GEST programme, and we will use it to provide you with information that is not specific to any one module. 

Here, you will find the weekly or biweekly schedules of events and classes that GEST staff prepares as the semester rolls along. In the schedules, we will note all regular class meetings, but in addition you will find in the schedules information about lectures in English that are organised by GEST and affiliated institutes as well as other events and opportunities, such as required class meetings that take place outside the usual timeframe, necessary requirements, such as the health check trip, and optional events that may be of interest.

We will also send announcements via the Moodle site, which will appear as e-mails to your @hi.is e-mail accounts. That way, you can also always find all of the announcements in one place - you will not have to dig through old e-mails to find something from a few weeks ago.

In the forum for questions and answers you can post questions and we will respond - and you can also respond to each others' questions. These questions and answers are visible to all, which is great for questions about the programme or about living in Reykjavik, because often many people are wondering about the same things and can thus benefit from the answers to another person's question. But if your questions are personal in nature, please send us e-mail directly or talk to us during office hours. And if your questions are regarding course material or requirements in specific modules, please turn to the coordinators in that module.

This Moodle page is coordinated by Guðrún and Védís. We look forward to working with you over the course of the semester!